Recommendation for Ship Medical Facilities

The design and construction of adequate medical facilities is complex, as they have tocomply with regulations from a number of different authorities. However, experience showsthat these regulations are not always followed, and that even compliance with existingregulations does not always give an optimal result.

The Norwegian Maritime Medical Centre considers it appropriate to publish theserecommendations which are based upon existing regulations, experience and best medicalpractice.The construction of an optimal medical facility does not necessarily increase costs. On thecontrary, it can have economic benefits.

Substantial contributions to these recommendations have been provided by representativesfrom a number of institutions:iMed Norwegian Telemedicine AS (Aase Tveito), Medi 3 (Lars Per Brandal), NorwegianMaritime Directorate (Sigmund Breivik), Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs(Ole Bjørn Herland), Norwegian National Hospital (Eilif Dahl), Royal Norwegian Navy (JanSommerfelt-Pettersen), Radio Medico Norway (Aksel Schreiner). Representatives fromdifferent shipowners and other institutions have also contributed.

The Recommendation will be revised in 2012.

You can download the Recommendations for free from here:

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