NMA/NCMM Approved Doctor's Meeting 2016

6th of September 2016 - Bergen (Radisson Blu Royal Bryggen Hotel)

This meeting is the yearly meeting between the NMA, the medical adviser to the NMA – the NCMM – and seafarers’ doctors approved by the NMA, whether they practice in Norway or abroad. A couple of years have elapsed since new regulations entered into force and the electronic system for issuance of certificates has been in use for some time.  The meeting will focus on these topics with ample space for discussion and questions to the NMA and the NCMM. As you can see from the list of topics, they are all related to the work as an AD on behalf of the NMA.

The meeting is not mandatory yet, but is considered to be in the future. The meeting is open also to others who may be interested in the topics.

The detailed programme is attached.


Second edition of NCMM/IMHA Textbook of Maritime Medicine launched

 Tim Carter, Chief Editor

Aksel Schreiner, Editorial Co-ordinator

 An extensively revised and extended second edition of the web-based Textbook of Maritime Medicine, sponsored by the Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine and the International Maritime Health Association, was launched on 3rd of April. It can be accessed at: http:// textbook.ncmm.no  (not www).

 The whole text of the first edition has been re-edited and revised, a project that has taken just over a year and involved authors old and new, the Editorial Board and the editors. There are now over thirty chapters covering a wide range of maritime health topics.

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Autorisasjon av petroleumsleger og petroleumsdykkerleger

Petroleumsleger.Tidligere har alle leger med norsk autorisasjon kunnet utstede helseerklæringer til personer i arbeid og personer som oppholder seg på innretninger i petroleumsvirksomheten til havs som omfattes av petroleumslovens virkeområde.  I henhold til forskriften FOR 2010-12-20 nr 1780 må leger som vil utstede slike attester nå gjennomgå foreskrevet opplæring ved deltakelse på kurs. Opplæringen skal gjennomgå relevant norsk regelverk og forhold på innretninger til havs. Petroleumsdykkerleger. Helseattest for arbeidere på installasjoner til havs som også skal delta i dykkervirksomhet skal utstedes av petroleumsdykkerleger. For autorisasjon som petroleumsdykkerlege må legen ha autorisasjon som dykkerlege og i tillegg ha den opplæring som er nevnt ovenfor.

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The ISMH 2015

The International Symposium on Maritime Health (ISMH) 2015 will be in June in  Bergen, Norway


Since 1991 professionals within the field of maritime health have convened every other year to share poroblems and solutions in their quest to improve the health and safety of seafarers.

The symposium is unquestionable the most important forum for all workers who are in any way connected to the most special and largest workplace in the world.

At the IMHA meeting in Pattaya in March 2012 the applications from Manila, St.petersburg and Bergen to arrange the 2015 meeting were evaluated and made subject to voting. Bergen was elected by majority (Bergen 5, Manila 2, St.Petersburg 1).


Towards a general consensus on medical standards?

Guidelines for the medical examination of seafarers differ considerably among seafaring nations. Some nations follow the guidelines recommended by the authorities (ILO,IMO), others have composed their own.

A harmonization of these guidelines among seafaring nations has long been the objective of professionals within maritime medicine and a good deal of effort has been made to draw up a new set of guidelines that will enable medical examiners to reliably select seafarers with the safety of the vessels and their crew as the main objective. A natural goal would be to encourage all seafaring nations to adopt the guidelines, something that would enhance the quality of the selection process and make the validity of the medical certificate universal.


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IMHA Quality Assurance Programme


The lack of a quality assurance system for maritime physicians and maritime medical services prompted IMHA to launch the "IMHA Quality Assurance Accreditation Programme for Maritime Clinics”. This programme provides a system for quality assurance and quality improvement through defining best practice for services providing medical fitness examinations for seafarers worldwide. IMHA invites organisations to work towards IMHA accreditation through participation in the programme.

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