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Founded on June 22, 1997 during the Fourth International Symposium on Maritime Healthin Oslo (Norway), the International Maritime Health Association - IMHA - is a non-profit organization dedicated to foster scientific progress, improve the quality of the health of maritime workers worldwide ( seafarers, fishermen, offshore oil industry installation workers, divers etc.) and to create a forum where ideas, experiences, efforts, research and questions on maritime health may be exchanged for the benefit of the international maritime community. For that purpose, the Association will maintain intense and constant contact with the World Health Organization (WHO), International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as with other international institutions. It will strive to become a source of reference and consultation for governments, shipowners, trade unions and other organizations on matters of maritime health. IMHA is registered in Belgium as an international association by Royal Decree of 14/07/1998

Membership - IMHA is open to both individual or corporate membership. In this site, you may learn about the Association's bylawsand the membership application form.


IMHA QA Programme

IMHA QA Programme is a quality improvement and accreditation programme for maritime clinics.

The development of standards for doctors issuing health certificates for seafarers is funded by TK Foundation. The standards are validated by the CHKS Accreditation unit which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Capita Group Plc, UK. CHKS is an accredited certification body of ISO9001:2008 quality management Systems and Healthcare Services with activity in several countries. A full roll-out is expected in 2012. The programme will in the future be extended to include other fields of maritime medicine.

The project is managed by Alf Magne Horneland and the team of the Norwegian Centre of Maritime Medicine (NCMM) and led by Dr Suresh Idnani on behalf of IMHA. Read more at the IMHA website, and in the IMHA Newsletter at




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