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Radio Medico Norway

Radio Medico Norway offers medical assistance to vessels in need of help for diagnosing and treatment of diseases and injuries. The service is a public service and free of charge and available 24/7.

The service is provided in English and Norwegian. Initial contact should always be on voice/phone. Dependent on the availability on board and the suspected illness or injury email, email with attachments and video consultations, may be used after contact with the doctor.

Radio Medico Norway is a part of Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine at Haukeland University Hospital.

In 2015 Radio Medico Norway had more than 3500 consultations and treated over 1200 patients all over the world. The Radio Medico Doctors are on duty for one week at the time. When necessary all specialist departments at the University hospital with more than 30 different specialities are available through Radio Medico Norway. The most relevant departments also have installed equipment for video consultations.

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