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Norwegian Maritime Health Registry

The mandate from the Ministry of Health and Care Services to Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine states that “the centre shall register the incidence of diseases and accidents at sea”

A reliable registration of diseases and accidents in the mobile and unstable population of seafarers offers a very challenging task. A sine qua non for an endeavour of this kind is the establishment of a registry based on information technology that allows the extraction of relevant statistical data without offending the personal integrity of the individuals included.

NCMM has had preliminary discussions with the authorities on this matter and has met a fair amount of understanding, including an agreement that the registry should take model from existing registries such as “Reseptbasert legemiddelregister”  -  “Registry of  medications based on prescriptions”  -  which has proved to be successful.

The greatest obstacle to meeting the challenge is financing of the project. The total cost  will probably be 15-20 millions NOK to be granted from the Norwegian National Budget.

NCMM will continue to work with this project during 2011.



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