NCMMs role in IMHA

Shipping is the most international and global of all industries. Maritime Medicine is the most international and global disciplin of medicine. Hence, it is necessary to work internationally to achieve the goals of NCMM.

The only international organization that can act as an Non-Governmental Organization towards the important UN Agencies and all stakeholders in the shipping industry and seafaring, is the International Maritime Health Association.

It is therefore not only natural, but also necessary for the NCMM to support this organization.

We are working together with IMHA on several aspectes, like:

  • The publication of the journal International Maritime Health
  • The publication of "Tectbook of Maritime Medicine"
  • In the WG on Medical fitness standards
  • In the WG on Ship Medicine Chest
  • On the work towards a revision of the IMGS
  • On the Telemedicine network
  • On the IMHA emergency Medical Guide for Ships
  • On IMHA QA project

IMHA is the most important tool in international maritime medicine, and we encourage all our partners to strongly support the actions of the International Maritime Health Association.


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