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NCMM has been instrumental in the process of  establishing the relation between IMH and IMHA, and in the financing of the journal

In the International Maritime Health original and review papers and articles are published on occupational health, maritime medicine, tropical and travel medicine, underwater medicine, toxicology, epidemiology and other subjects related to the health of seafarers, fishermen and other maritime workers.




Bogdan. Jaremin

Honorary Editor:  

S. Tomaszunas 

Deputy Editor-in-Chief:

E. Dahl

Publisher Editor:

Michal Mikolajczak



Jean Ariel Bronstein, HIA Brest, France

Marit Grønning, Norwegian Centre ofr Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine, bergen, norway

Olaf Chresten Jensen, Center for Maritime health and Sacety, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark

Nebojsa Nikolic, Faulty of Medicinea, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Marcus Oldenburg, Department of maritime Medicine, ZfAM, Hamburg, Germany

Virgilio do Rosario, CMDT.LA/IHMT University of Lisboa, Portugal

Andy Smith, Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology, Cardiff University, UK



Franceso Amenta,CIRM Rome, University of Camerino, Italy

Tim Carter, UK Maritime and Coastal Agency, UK  and NCMM, University of Bergen,  Norway

Gregopry Chan Chung Tsing,National University of Singapore, Singapore

George A. Conway,CDC/NIOSH, Vancouver, Alaska, USA

Jordi Desola,CRIS-UTH, University of Barcelona, Spain

Lucerno Prisno Don Eliseo III,SIRC Cardiff University, UK/Philippines

Christos Hadjichristodolou,University of Tessaly, Larissa, Greece

Henrik Lyngbeck Hansen,CMHS, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Alf Magne Horneland,NCMM, Bergen, Norway

Suresh N. Idnani,IMHA, ICSW, Goa, India

Dominique Jegaden, FSMH, Brest University, France

Maria Jeżewska,National Centre for Maritime Medicine, IIMTM, MUG, Gdynia, Poland

Piotr Józef Knap,Chief Sanitary Inspectoratde, Ministry of Health, Warsaw, Poland

Krysztof Korzniewski,Military Institute of health Services, Gdynia, Poland

Jacek Kot,IIMIT, MUG, Gdynia, Poland

Raymond Lucas,George Washington University, Washington DC, USA

Allessandro Marroni,DAN Europe, Italy/Malta

Bente Elisabeth Moen,University of Bergen, Norway

Ralph Nilsson, Sahlgrenska University Göteborg, Sweden

Romuald Olszański,Military Institute of Health Services, Gdynia, Poland

Zbigniew Pawłowski,Medical University, Poznań, Poland

Bas Rikken,Consultancy & Intermanagement in Health Care, Netherlands

Stephen E. Roberts,School of Medicine, Swansea University, UK

Heikki Saarni,Finnish Institute of Occupational health, Turkku, Finland

Bernd Fred Schepers,Maritime Medical Service of See-BG, Hamburg, Germany

Clara Schlaich,Institute of Occup. and marit. Med. (ZfAM), Hamburg,  Germany

Bernhard Sobotta,University of Leipzig, Germany

Einar Thorsen,University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway

Piotr Zaborowski,Warsaw Medical University

Arne Johan Ulven,NCMM, Bergen, Norway

Pawel Zagożdżon,Medical University of Gdansk, Poland 

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