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Second edition of NCMM/IMHA Textbook of Maritime Medicine launched

 Tim Carter, Chief Editor

Aksel Schreiner, Editorial Co-ordinator

 An extensively revised and extended second edition of the web-based Textbook of Maritime Medicine, sponsored by the Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine and the International Maritime Health Association, was launched on 3rd of April. It can be accessed at: http://  (not www).

 The whole text of the first edition has been re-edited and revised, a project that has taken just over a year and involved authors old and new, the Editorial Board and the editors. There are now over thirty chapters covering a wide range of maritime health topics.

 The material had been re-ordered, new sections have been added in many chapters and several new ones added. New topics covered include accidents and injuries at sea, psychosocial and organisational aspects of working as a seafarer and medical aspects of piracy. Further new chapters will be added shortly on safety, health and environment risk assessment and on infectious disease in seafarers. Existing chapters have been extended to better cover aspects such as welfare for seafarers, job demands and performance requirements and the role of ergonomics in job design.

 The book remains dynamic. Suggestions for new material are welcome, especially by those who are prepared to write about them. The editors and editorial board will continue to look for ways to enhance the textbook. Do look at the new edition and tell us what you think – on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The primary audience remains those professionally engaged in maritime health, but we know that it is consulted by a wide range of other people, both in the maritime industry and in other fields of health-care. As such it provides a resource that will help engage a wide range of people in how best to look after the health of seafarers.

 In the near future, and with the help of a grant from the ITF Seafarers’ Trust, we will be publishing a Handbook for Seafarer Medical Examiners in a format similar to the textbook. This is aimed at supplementing the information in the ILO/IMO International Guidelines for Seafarer Medical Examinations. It will cover the commoner and more complex problems encountered in the course of seafarer medical examinations and include decision trees as an aid to consistency in reaching valid conclusion on the fitness of seafarers.

 We are also pleased that there is interest in producing the Textbook in languages other than English and we are keen for such developments to take place.



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