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IMHA Quality Assurance Programme


The lack of a quality assurance system for maritime physicians and maritime medical services prompted IMHA to launch the "IMHA Quality Assurance Accreditation Programme for Maritime Clinics”. This programme provides a system for quality assurance and quality improvement through defining best practice for services providing medical fitness examinations for seafarers worldwide. IMHA invites organisations to work towards IMHA accreditation through participation in the programme.

In the future the programme will be extended to include port health providers, those providing care for repatriated seafarers in their home countries, occupational health services and telemedical maritime assistance services.

An accreditation will apply to the doctors, clinics and premises equally. The programme includes a set of quality standards which has been developed on the basis of national and international standards in cooperation with individuals representing the interests of patients, carers, health professionals, employers and statutory bodies. These standards have been specifically tailored by experts in the field who have experience of the services and their requirements. The development of standards was made possible through a grant from the TK Foundation. CHKS – an accredited ISO9001:2008 certification body – served as a consultant. The quality assurance project is lead by the IMHA president Suresh Idnani and managed by Alf Magne Horneland at the NCMM. The project is now ready for pilot testing, and we hope that the programme will be operational from 2012.




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