NOR Sea Health Conference

The Norwegian Sea Health Conference 2018

Beyond the Incident

In the beautiful historical surroundings of Bryggen in Bergen, with its connection to the Hanseatic trade and mariners of the time, we will again highlight the health and wellbeing of seafarers and fishermen.

The Norwegian Sea Health Conference 2018 “BEYOND THE INCIDENT” will focus on the many aspects of managing a maritime health emergency, way beyond the initial medical care and evacuation.

On the first day we shall concentrate on the many challenges that arise from a medical incident involving a single sailor. We will include the importance of planning for medical incidents, the difficulties faced in evacuating seafarers, how to optimize their care in the local port and how to ensure their safe return home.

On the second day we plan to study the additional challenges when many people are included in a larger accident or outbreak. We will consider risk analysis and management, the role and responsibilities of different stakeholders within the industry and the long term effects and consequences on all involved.

The conference is aimed at all personnel involved in the operational planning and response management within shipping and fishing, medical professionals and others responsible for the selection and treatment of ill and injured seafarers and fishermen, representatives of rescue services and coordination, organizations representing seafarers, fishermen and employers, and maritime authorities.

The conference is organised by Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine (NCMM), together with the Norwegian Maritime Medical association, the seafarers’ and shipowners’ associations, Norwegian maritime authorities and the Maritime Forum Norway. In conjunction and prior to the conference NCMM arranges approved doctors meeting at the 6th for seafarers’ doctors approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

The conference language is English. The invited speakers are the foremost Norwegian representatives within their fields of expertise, and with an international experience that makes the topic relevant for people from all over the world.

We look forward to seeing you in Bergen!


Session Program : 

(Complete program will be published prior to cenference)



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The fee for PARTICIPANTS will be decided before registration opens. The fee depends on the time of registration. Early birds get a lower fee. It is also possible to register ACCOPANYING PERSONS who then will be able to attend lunch and coffee breaks during the day, at a fee which covers only the cost of the day package at the hotel. On registration, you will receive a confirmation from Innovest AS.

Please note that the fees do not cover accommodation costs, and that no hotel reservations has been made. For choice of hotels, please see


Norwegian Sea Health Conference - NSHC  11-12 April 2018

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Accompanying persons: 2 lunches, coffee breaks at the conference hotel and James Lind’s dinner

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