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The Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine (NCMM) is the national competence centre for maritime medicine in Norway. It was established by decision of the Norwegian Parliament in 2004, with regular activity from June 2006. NCMM is a section of the Department of Occupational Medicine at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, and with affiliation to the University of Bergen.


According to its mandate, NCMM shall:

  • Collect and mediate knowledge about maritime medicine to
    • seafarers and fishermen
    • shipowners
    • ships
    • authorities
    • workers' organizations
    • employers' organizations
    • and others
  • Initiate and perform research
  • Register incidence of:
    • illnesses and
    • accidents at sea
  • Support education and teaching
  • Be the Norwegian point of contact for international cooperation in maritime medicine
  • Radio Medico Norway will be incorporated in the operational activity of the centre.


The Department of Occupational Health in the Haukeland University Hospital - to which we belong - has many different professions represented, like neurology, anesthesiology, allergology, ENT-specialists, oftalmologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, pulmonologists, neuropsychologists, occupational hygienists, specialists in occupational medicine - and even in general practice. Hyperbaric and diving medicine is represented by a national competence center and a section for hyperbaric treatment.

The affiliation to the University of Bergen strenghten our environment and network organization by reputed researchers within occupational medicine, represented by professor Bente E. Moen, Professor Magne Bråtveit, Professor Tim Carter and their co-researchers. Professor Eilif Dahl has his professorship within the Department of Internal Medicine, and in the Radio medical section professor Alfred Halstensen and professor Erik Florvaag is working with us.


NCMM is the medical adviser for the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and director Horneland is the leader of the appelate body concerning health certificates for seafarers. NCMM is also advises the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Accident Investigation Board Norway, the classification societies, shipowners, employees organizations and others.


We participate in two different networks internationally - the network of International Maritime Health Association, and the network of WHO Collaborating Centres on Seafarers' Health.

Through these networks we are enganged in several projects and activities:

The publishing of the journal "International Maritime Health" (IMH). From its establishment 60 years ago IMH has been published from the Interfaculty Institute of Maritime, Tropical and Hyperbaric Medicine (IIMTM) in Gdynia, Medical University of Gdansk. From 2009 three partners collaborate on the publishing, namely the Polish Society for Maritime MedicineI, IMHA, and the NCMM, with IIMTM as the secreteriate, IMHA as the endorser, and NCMM as a supporting partner.

In January 2009 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Medical University of Gdansk, Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen. We look forward to develop cooperation on several fields of mutual interest under this umbrella.

From 2009 the director of NCMM, Alf Magne Horneland, is a member of the IMHA Board of directors. He has been appointed leader of the IMHA Workgroup on International Guidelines on Medical Chest on Board.

In Novermber 2009 the NCMM published on the internet the first international and comprehensive Textbook of Maritime Medicine, in cooperation with IMHA and the Norwegian Association of Maritime Medicine.



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